Serenity Salon Spa and Tanning - HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!!

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DO NOT waste your time or money at this place!I scheduled in advance to have massages for me and my mother on Saturday March 9, 2013.

We drove an hour from Delaware, just to show up 10 minutes prior to our appointment and were told  that our appointments were CANCELLED!!!  I was told that the reason was the people who perform the massages BOTH called out sick! Really?

It was my mother's Birthday and she was to receive a massage, pedicure, and then we would go to lunch on the Chesapeake.Thanks Serenity for making it the WORSE Birthday present EVER for my mother!!!!!


Westby, Wisconsin, United States #620788

Sorry you had a bad experience, but have you heard of norovirus?Puking, pooping, extremely contagious?

Not to say that this is what they had, but would you have rather they come in sick, and infect you? Too many times I've had to work sick, and others got it. So stuff your crappy review. Hopefully they comp'd you.

Hopefully you got to spend some time with your mom, and enjoy it either way.My mom is gone, and I'd give anything to have a day like yours, you whiner.

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